Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rust Reunion X - Tuesday

Tuesday at Rust Reunion X was themed "Park Day." I got up and ate breakfast and went straight to Woodland Lake Park to get ready for the Inaugural Rust 5k. We had been "advertising" this event for almost a year prior, and we had included a sign up for this in the reunion registration packets that were sent to everyone a few months before the reunion. We had 71 people sign up through pre-registration, and another 12 people signed up on the day of the race. I never thought this would be so popular!

The running route was 3 laps around the lake at the park, and each lap was about 1.05 this ended up being about .05 miles longer than a true 5k (shhh...don't tell anyone). I walked the route and chalked arrows so people would know the route at any crossroads of the path. I also wrote Go "Name" for each person who was pre-registered, in addition to some general comments like Go Rust Runners and No Pain, No Gain. Then I set up all the bibs for bib pick-up.

For competition purposes, we had the following categories: Kids 10 & under, Kids 11-14, Women 15-29 and Women 30 plus, and the same for men. We also had a category for walkers.
The runners/walkers before the start of the race.
Cardboard Grandma Rust was there to give some encouragement along the way.
Laci and Abby crossing the finish line. They were more concerned about the water station it appears.
Uncle Bob had his own "senior" category. He was the oldest participant at age 84 (and we let him off the hook and allowed him to complete one lap).
The Henricksen's cleaned up... did the Boozer's.
After the 5k we, it was a bring your own lunch day before games for the kids began as well as the volleyball tournament.
My team with Lindsay, Todd, Jen and myself. Our name was "First to Lose" and we lived up to it :)
Kyle and Kellyn's team against the Austin team.
These Austin cousins formed the youngest overall team, and they actually won a few games. Just wait till the 2019 reunion...they will be dangerous.
The Boozer's won the volleyball tournament. We were so happy to finish this one. Four years ago at the 2011 Ludington reunion we tried to have a volleyball tournament and it was rained out.
Tuesday night sunset.
Tuesday night we had a special musical guest named Ted Yoder. He played the hammered dulcimer (a stringed, folk instrument that is played by striking the instrument's strings with small mallet hammers) and Kevin had connected with him online and he agreed to come to Arizona to do a concert for us. After a long day at the park it was nice to relax to some instrumental music.

After the concert we had a memorial service for Uncle Woody.

Tuesday was a long day, and everyone was worn out as evidenced by the following pictures...


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