Monday, July 20, 2015

Rust Reunion X - Thursday

After 3 jam packed days of reunion fun, I was able to sleep in a little on Thursday morning. No alarm clock, and black out shades were shut. It was nice to have some lazy time.

This was a toad I saw on the path from the cabin to the main was as big as it looks. I should've tried kissing it...:)
Thursday morning we had a lumberjack from Burly Bear come and do some wood carvings which were auctioned off in the silent auction the day prior. He had a pretty large crowd watching him work the whole time he was carving. He did a great job...he made one bear, and also was asked to make an alpaca - both ended up looking great.
Practicing some walking with Uriah.
And holding 3-month old Easton.
The finished wood carving products.
Thursday afternoon was the messy war. This was more geared toward teens and kids, but I wasn't doing anything so decided to participate.

Squirting guns filled with a mixture of was for sure one of the things in the mixture.

Fun with shaving cream.
Eva had even more fun than us.
Steal the bacon...
out of a bucket of slimey paint.

This was the place we stayed in Pinetop and Kevin had the sign made which hung out front for the entire week we were there.
Thursday night breakfast on the patio.
Ashley and Vanessa as the Rustbucks baristas on Thursday night...displaying the reunion mugs we had for sale.
Nathaniel did a series of jokes in Rusts' Got Talent the night before, so we had him do some pre-entertaining of the crowd before Rust Family Feud.
The highlight of Thursday night was our own game of Rust Family Feud. Kellyn put together a survey of questions a few months prior to the reunion, and we distributed them to the family so we could say we surveyed 100 people and the top answers were.... We also had some "Rust" specific questions so needed to get a poll on those as well. We had enough questions for a total of 3 games. We knew a lot of families would probably want to play, so we had family groups enter into a lottery drawing to determine who the contestants would be.

The Happeny family.
The first game was the Happeny's vs. the Boozer's.
The Boozer's won the first game
Who was Grandma Rust's favorite kid?
Kellyn ran the Fast Money rounds.
Game #2 was the Rust's against the Horton's. The Horton's won this game, and they were the only family to get 200 points in the fast money round.
Game #3 was the Rust's (different set) vs. the Austin's.
Everyone enjoyed Rust Family may have been my highlight of the week!

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