Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rust Reunion X - Monday

Monday started off bright and early for Kellyn and I as we were the baristas for Rustbucks. Rustbucks was our play on Starbucks and it was open every morning and evening. Rustbucks offered lattes, americanos and cappuccinos, with vanilla, caramel, mocha or white mocha and either 2% milk or almond milk. I don't know for sure how many drinks the espresso machine made that week, but Rustbucks was a huge hit. The coffee shop was generally busy during operating hours.
Kevin used his design skills to insert Grandma Rust's face into the logo.
Monday morning we did a short hike to a Mogollon Rim lookout point.
Nathaniel, Ewan and Mason were our tour guides.
Family pic - Kyle was working from the cabin on Monday and Coby had taken Uriah away from this area as 3 people got stung by bees.
Next it was craft day - the kids all made red, white and blue candle holders for the western night decorations (later Monday night).
My lunch view. This was from our cabin patio, and so it was the view for a lot of my meals.
Mom and I went to decorate for western night, and Kellyn and Coby were playing archery tag, so dad watched Uriah in the afternoon. When mom and I got back, this is how Uriah's diaper was put together - I think dad needs some training on how to snap cloth diapers :)
Monday night we planned a western night (seemed fitting since the reunion was in AZ). We had BBQ for dinner, and then had a square dance caller come later in the night and he did some square dances and line dances with us. I thought it was a really fun night!

Vanessa and I
Uriah checking out his cardboard Great-Great Grandma Rust.
Uriah and Kyle
Ashley, Yolanda and Vanessa
Avery was loving the watermelon.
Family pic
Line dancing
Even mom was out on the dance floor!
Eva and I
Aunt Shirley and Aunt Pat
Special thanks to the Blake Traudt family for helping set up tables, serve and clean up dinner for this night. They took ownership and took action and were a huge help so thanks guys :)

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