Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dinner - June 16th

On Wednesday night after the rain let up, we went to a restaurant called Carnitas Nia Lola. The receptionist at our hotel recommended this restaurant, and so did Mauricio, our tour guide at the ruins earlier in the day. I really wanted to go back to Twisted Tanya's, but Dad and Kyle wanted to try something different. We sat on the upstairs patio, and after we ordered I saw this cat wandering around. He/she was so skinny, and I could tell it had been in some fights - notice the left ear has a cut on it (it looks better in the picture than it did in real life). Kyle ordered a pork dish for dinner, and my dad had steak, so fortunately we were going to have some meat at the table. Once the food arrived, everyone was saying that it was so much food, so I started asking for meat from both Kyle and my dad. I fed the cat bites of meat during our entire dinner. I also tried giving it some tortillas, and it gobbled those up too - I don't think my cats would go for tortillas, but I guess Honduran cats do.
My dinner was not good at all - too greasy for me. So, rather than just giving it back, I got it to go, and gave it to a stray dog on the way home. It was still raining, and this poor little dog was trying to stay dry under an awning in the park, so I just dumped out my leftovers next to him - he ate them immediately. It was so hard during this trip to see all of the stray dogs running around - they all were really dirty and had fleas. Most of them were skin and bones, and a lot of them were injured too (mostly limping because one of their back legs were hurt). I saw a couple of dogs with what looked like bright purple spray paint on them, so I asked one of our tour guides what that meant. He said that it meant that the animal had an open wound, and it warned people not to touch it. Again, heartbreaking. I was so happy to see Otis and Sam when I got home from my trip.

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Janis said...

That cat had a full tummy by the time we left the restaurant. You did not mention the other dogs under the awning that did not even know there was food nearby because the dog that got the food ate it so fast. The animals in Honduras were so hard to see. But like Kyle said the people have a hard time feeding themselves that the animals are overlooked. So sad!!