Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Honduras - June 20th

This day was a LONG day of traveling. We left Kyle's house in Ocotopeque around 3:30am and walked to the bus which left at 4am. We took the longer way to the bus for two reasons - first, because it was paved most of the way and therefore we could roll our suitcases and second, because Kyle knew for sure we may have had dogs chase us on the shorter route. When we were walking home the night before, these two dogs were laying in the street. When we walked by them, Kyle told my mom and I not to get mad at him if he threw rocks at those dogs the next morning. I guess some of these dogs get mean at night when no one is out walking around. One of the things Kyle learned in Peace Corps training was to always carry rocks with you if you were out in the middle of the night so that you could be prepared in case a dog tried to attack. So, we tried to avoid these dogs, but Kyle still had all of us carrying rocks to the bus just in case any dogs came after us.

We got on the 4am bus to Santa Rosa, and then from Santa Rosa we got on another bus to San Pedro Sula. We had a couple of hours to kill at the bus terminal in San Pedro Sula, and then we took a Hedman Alas bus from San Pedro to La Ceiba, where we caught a ferry to Roatan.

Everything was right on schedule until our bus broke down from Sen Pedro to La Ceiba. We were going along on the Hedman, and the AC went out on the bus and then we pulled over. A belt broke on the bus so we were stuck for a while. The driver tried to fix it, but he could not figure it out.
Everyone on the bus was trying to help him out. It was so hot and the poor guy was wearing a tie and a long-sleeved shirt. Kyle walked to the store and got him some bags of water and he drank two of those - I think he was pretty thankful someone thought to get him water.

We had a ferry to catch, and Dad was starting to stress out a bit. Another bus came by and stopped for a minute, so we quickly jumped on that one. This was the worst ride of my life - while we were waiting for the other bus to get fixed, I also drank a water bottle and a bag of water. If he Hedman had been fixed (which is what I was counting on) there was a bathroom on that bus. Well, when we got on this other bus there was no bathroom and that was a VERY long hour and a half ride after drinking that much water.

We did make our ferry just fine, and arrived in Roatan on Sunday night. We stayed in the penthouse of the SeaVue, and they had some drinks waiting for us when we arrived.
We went straight to dinner as it was getting late and restaurants were going to close. This was Father's Day, and Kellyn had sent some cash with me to pay for dinner. We had a nice dinner at The Beach Club to end the day.

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Janis said...

That was a long day but you are right everything turned out okay--Praise God! Happy Father's Day and thank you Kellyn for dinner that night.