Friday, July 30, 2010

Honduras - June 21st

On our first morning in Roatan we slept in a little since we were coming off of a long travel day. We had been to the grocery store the night before, so we had food to make breakfast at the hotel. Actually, in Roatan we stayed in the penthouse of the hotel we were at. It was pretty much a two-bedroom condo, with a kitchen, living room and balcony that overlooked the Caribbean. We were only about a 10 minute walk from the beach, so that is where we went mid-morning. As soon as we found a spot, these girls were wanting to braid hair and give massages. Kyle got his hair braided (it fell out when we were snorkeling later that day) and Dad got a foot massage.
This beach was great - and we were there in a slower time so it felt like we had the beach to ourselves. Christmas is the busy tim on Roatan, or if there is a cruise ship there - which there was the day we were leaving.
The water was so clear. This is a good Facebook profile pic :)

This was Dad's first time snorkeling - he actually did better than I thought he would. And he enjoyed it too.
We stayed at the beach for a few hours - Kyle took Dad out snorkeling, and he also took mom out snorkeling as well. Then Kyle and I went out. After we had our fill of the beach (for this morning) we came back to the hotel and took showers and got ready to go get lunch.

This is the entrance to our penthouse suite.
We were staying in West Bay, and we wanted to go to West End for lunch. It was about an hour walk to get there, or we could take a water taxi. We opted for the water taxi.
Trying to decide where to eat lunch (and Dad looking like a tourist).
Eating lunch at a restaurant called Lighthouse.

This is a banana tree - see the bananas just where the trunk ends and the branches start.
Back in West Bay walking along the beach.
We decided that we were just going to hang out at the hotel on Monday night. Since we had been to the grocery store, we had food so we made egg salad sandwiches for dinner. We watched the sunset from the balcony.
After we had dinner, we decided to go down to the pool for a little while - it looked pretty cool at night.
After we were done swimming, we came back up to the hotel and Kyle and I figured out the real reason Mom and Dad didn't want to do anything on Monday night. The Bachelorette was on, so we had a family Bachelorette watching party. I had not seen any of the season (and neither had Kyle obviously) but Mom and Dad had been watching all season. Kyle and I were surprised but we watched the 2-hour long episode (it seemed like it would never end). Watching that one show got me hooked, but I will miss the finale this Monday night as the Pfizer earnings release goes out on Tuesday morning so I will be at work. Oh well, I am sure I will not miss much...

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Janis said...

I will tell you what happens and who Allie picks. Good pics--that was my favorite day in Roatan!!