Sunday, July 25, 2010

Honduras - June 19th

Saturday was our second day in Ocotopeque - we pretty much had a relaxing day around Kyle's house.

This is the pila in the backyard - this is where the water is held and just to the right of this is where Kyle washes his clothes.
Another view of the pila.
The town of Ocotopeque.
We went to the co-op where Kyle works with the Peace Corps.
These are some of the people from the co-op (notice how Kyle towers over everyone).
We were walking around the market and this little girl kept coming up to me and grabbing my camera. Kyle asked if she wanted to take a picture. After we took the picture, we showed her the picture and I put her down. Her dad said that she was "muy contenta".
Saturday night Kyle made veggie stir fry and we ate on his back patio. This is also a good shot of his kitchen - it is MUCH bigger than my kitchen in Manhattan.
I ended my night with a bucket shower. The smaller bucket consists of boiled water mixed with some cold water. You just use that little blue bucket and dump it on yourself. I asked Kyle why he didn't clean his shower and he said that he scrubs that thing but it gets dirty so fast since the water is not clean. So thankful for running water :)
We went to bed with our alarms set for 3:15am since we were catching a 4am bus the next day to start our journey to Roatan (the islands).


Janis said...

A very good time experiencing Kyle's lifestyle in Honduras!!

my shy thai said...

That is so cute that the little girl wanted to take the picture!!!

You documented this trip so well, great to read! :-)