Saturday, July 10, 2010

My First Attempt at Some Superfood Goodness

A couple of months ago, I bought the below book based on the suggestion of a friend. I started reading it after I got it in the mail, but only got through the first chapter. That chapter discussed the health benefits of eating goji berries, and I have been eating goji berries on a regular basis since then. When I was in Honduras, I saw a lot of the superfoods growing there, so that got me to re-open the book. Also, some friends have ramped up their superfood use, and I have been seeing recipes that they have posted on Facebook.
Tonight was my first attempt at making a superfood snack. This is the recipe I was following for energy balls:

¾ cup raw cacao powder
2 cups ground raw almonds
¾ cup raw agave nectar
1 Tbs. organic coconut butter
Pinch of Celtic sea salt
1 cup shredded, dried unsweetened coconut flakes

Combine all the ingredients except for the coconut flakes in a large bowl and mix thoroughly. Roll up your sleeves, take a small amount of the mixture, and roll small balls between your palms. Add your love! Dip each ball in a separate smaller bowl containing the coconut flakes.

I used all the above ingredients, with the exception of the almonds. I thought that I had some almonds here at my apartment, but when I went to use them, I realized that I had walnuts instead of almonds. Also, I had walnut chunks, so I just used my Blendtec to grind them up. I literally only ground them for about 5 seconds, and I was close to making walnut butter. I guess the heat from the grinding turns it into butter pretty quickly.

This is all of the ingredients prior to mixing.
After mixing.
These are the ingredients that I used (as well as the walnuts and sea salt).
The finished product. Before I rolled the batter into the balls to roll in the coconut, I put it in the refrigerator for about a half hour to harden it up a bit.
Yummy...I already had 1 and a half tonight.
They turned out quite well...although this would be a difficult recipe to mess up. This will be a much better/healthier dessert than my Newman's Oreos that I love :)


my shy thai said...

way to go Kristin!!! you will have SO much energy from these. seriously! blake is hitting that crazy energy stage and this helps :-)

Janis said...

They look good!!!